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Cres-Cor Crown X Vent parts

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  1. AIR FILTER 0769 140 PD44626


    Part No. PD44626

    • Filter, Air Vent
    • 5" x 5" Square
    • Used on various Crescor models such as CC-2222, CC-2222A, CC-2222B, CC-2222C-PL, CC-2222C-PL-2, CC-2222C-PR, CC-2222C-PR-2, CC-2222C-PRL, CC-2222C-PRL-2, H149PC, H149PC-240, H149UA12, H149UA12-240 and where part is applicable.
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  2. DOOR VENT KIT 0847 051 PD21016


    Part No. PD21016

    • Repalceable parts
    • Use in all CresCcor insulated units with vent
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  3. FAN, CIRCULATION, VENT 240v 0769 029 K1 PD42580


    Part No. PD42580

    • Vent Fan, Axial
    • 240V
    • 2900 RPM
    • 102 CFM 
    • 4-11/16 x 1-1/2"
    • Commonly used on Crescor equipment where part is applicable
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  4. VENT FAN - 115V 0769 165 PD50077

    VENT FAN - 115V

    Part No. PD50077

    • Vent Fan
    • 115V
    • Commonly used on Cres-Cor models: H137UA12C, CO151X185B, CO151XUA5B, CO151XWUA5B, H137PSUA12C, H137PSUA6C, H137PSUA9C, H137PUA12C, H137PUA6C, H137PUA9C, H137PWSUA12C, H137PWSUA6C, H137PWSUA9C, H137S96BC, H137S96BCDJ1, H137S96BCJ1, H137SRRC2020C, H137SUA12CDJ1, H137SUA5CDJ1, H137SUA6CDJ1, H137SUA9CDJ1, H137UA12CDJ1, H137UA9CDJ1, H137WSRRC2020C, H137WSUA12C, H137WSUA5C, H137WSUA6C, H137WSUA9C, H1381834CDJ1, H138N1834CDJ1, H138NPS-CLC, H138NPS1813CLA, H138NPS1832CLA, H138NPSCDOM2, H138NPSCDOM3, H138P1834C, H138PS1834C, H138PWS1834C, H138S1816CDJ1, H138S1834CDJ1, H138WS1816C, H138WS1834C, H138WS185C, H161FUA11CM, H161FUA11CMCAN, HCDH2020, HCWH2020
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