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There is a $15.00 minimum order size. Cut off time for stock items is 5:30 ET. Contact us if you have an urgent order to confirm it can ship to meet your deadline. Depending on your item, we have other options late in the day.

Orders will automatically ship complete unless otherwise noted at time of order placement.

We reserve the right to notify you if there is an error on our site concerning shipping fees. If an error/adjustment affects your order then you will be contacted prior to shipping. Items that are larger than the dimensional limits established by UPS, FedEx and US Mail may have higher fees, these may not post as such at check-out due to factory alterations. If this occurs, you will be contacted prior to shipping and the adjusted mount reviewed for your approval.    

Canceling orders or items, combining orders or changing your shipping address might affect your order.

If changing an order, it's best to call and not email us. Time is of the essence. If too much time has transpired it may not be able to be recalled. (Additional fees may apply if shipping from a factory for example).

We DO NOT guarantee shipments by U.S. Mail. This is at your own risk. There is no way to accurately track by U.S. Mail. There are no refunds for orders placed with USPS methods for lost or damaged goods. Orders shipping outside the USA may not be traceable since they are handed off to foreign country postal services. Tracking by US Mail only shows 'package delivered' which means package dropped off. (no signature required). We are not responsible for tracking in foreign countries.

Orders do not ship on Saturdays, Sundays or major holidays. If an order is placed late in the day, it might not process until the next business day. This is at the discrepancy of the warehouse the item is shipping from. Carriers may delay shipments in case of 'inclement weather' conditions.


Processing your order is our #1 priority. All orders are shipped via FedEx/UPS/US Mail Ground 1 - 2 business days after they are placed on our website. Shipping then takes between 1-5 business days, but please allow up to 7 business days. Special ordered items might take 9-12 business days. Items that will be longer will be noted on your order confirmation sent via email to you.

Our items ship from our warehouse, manufacturers and from shippers in our Partner Network. Our In Stock information is based on the data these companies provide us. It is impossible for anyone to maintain stock levels in real-time. Unfortunately, it is sometimes flawed due to inaccurate updates from our Network and from manufacturers. Some items for example may have changed to 'made to order' by the factory and we have not been notified of this change. With millions of parts out there handled by numerous companies, we try to provide the best information possible, but it isn't perfect.

If your order is urgent and you only select Ground service, we suggest always calling first to ensure the timely delivery of your item.


All orders ship from the closest warehouse or factory to you. Should the closest facility not have the item or items you ordered in stock, we will ship from the next closest warehouse. This may result in you receiving your order at different times if you ordered more than 1 item.


Fees published on this site are acquired from UPS/FedEX/US Mail computer servers. We may elect to change the carrier if we feel it will enhance the delivery or if restrictions apply and unable to ship by the carrier you selected. Unless noted prior to shipping, all fees are final.