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Robot Coupe Parts

Robot Coupe, the food preparation specialist, offers a wide range of products: stick power mixers, food processors, juicers, grating, slicing, dicing machines, for every professional need. For over 30 years Robot Coupe U.S.A. has been the foodservice industry leader in the development and refinement of commercial food processors and power mixers. KitchenStuff carries hundreds of replacement parts for all Robot Coupe makes and models.

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Robot Coupe France was the inventor of the food processor and it hasn’t changed much in over 30 years. From the original R2 model that came out in the 1970’s and is still in production as the popular R2N. Improvements have been made to that model and Robot Coupe came out with the R2DICE unit with more horsepower to enable it to dice cheese, vegetables and other difficult products easily.

Their family of diverse machines like the CL series, Blixer series, hand held Power Stick Mixers and powerful floor models like the Vertical Cutter Mixer R Series lead the pack in high performance processing vegetables, meat, grinding and kneading food stuffs in a minimal period of time.

These machines (16 models to choose from) easily chop, knead, grind, mix and puree in seconds. In less than a few minutes you can make a several quarts of mayonnaise, steak tartare, a carrot puree or fruit compote. The industrial grade heavy duty induction motor guarantees durability, sturdiness and reliability. These machines will prepare foods from 10 to 400 covers.

The company still provides parts for machines over 30 years old which shows the dedication Robot Coupe has for its customers. These machines are work horses and when sized properly will give you untold years of service.

These machines are accompanied by an extensive collection of cutting, slicing, grating and dicing discs that easily attach to the machine to tackle any request. The dicing grids size from 5 x 5 x 5 mm up to 25 x 25 x 25 mm cubes. Ripple cut, grate Parmesan cheese, julienne cut beets and carrots, cut potatoes into french fries and they even will waffle cut for you for beautiful presentations.

Bowl Cutter Mixers like the models R2B, R401 and R602 are high performance machines with speeds up to 3,000 rpm for mousses and other smooth textured products. They have been designed to process a variety of food products, they will mix, chop, grind, knead and puree giving high quality results in just a few minutes for the even longest preparation. The pulse control feature will allow you to precise cut. Some models offer variable speed control which extends your flexibility of use. These units come in 12 models and can produce capacities from 3 liters to 7 quarts. Blixers are designed to produce between 10 to 100 covers. This model is perfect for restaurants, caterers, deli and commercial institutions.

Blixers offer 2 machines in one. The all popular cutter model with the blender-mixer model. The large capacity and leak proof lid with built in bowl scraper make it simple to make mixed and liquidized foods. The machines adhere to the rigid NSF sanitation standards. Blixers are designed for use in hospitals, restaurants and nursing homes. Makes 10 to 100 covers.

The hand-held Power Mixers also live up to the standards of Robot Coupe. The mixers have removeable parts for easy cleaning and sanitation, and for easy replacement of parts and accessories like whisks, knives and beaters. The tube, bell cover assembly and attachments are all stainless steel. The capacity for these models are from 2 and 400 quarts depending on your model.

Last but not least is the wide and deep line of replacement parts for all their models. From bowls, S blades and lids to motors and switches. We carry the largest stocking parts for these machines in the country.