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Return Policy

We gladly accept returns.

We don't like sending items out that need to be returned as much as you don't like having to return something. So please acquaint yourself with this Return Policy and ensure the accuracy of your request.

If the return is clearly the result of an error on our part, no fees of any kind will be assessed, including freight charges.

All returns are subject to a restocking fee, if applicable. Original shipping costs will also be deducted from the refund. Return requests must be made within 20 days of the shipment date. Equipment is not returnable. Sometimes special arrangements can be made concerning equipment, depending on the kindness of the manufacturer. Please call our office to review your situation.


At the purchase time of your equipment or parts item, all pieces were shipped with the manuals specifically for that unit. These manuals included all the parts and part numbers to properly purchase replacement parts.

Please understand that merely providing us a model & serial number will not guarantee accuracy. Current factory supplied documentation is sometimes flawed. Because of this, we are not responsible for the accurate identification of parts (nor any other parts distributor that we've found). As equipment ages, parts change and parts manuals are not updated by the manufacturer. It is our experience that the factory will take no responsibility for the errors in their documentation nor for the errors of its employees providing said information. Therefore, if a part needs to be returned to the factory and we were not provided an accurate part number by our customer, then the customer may be responsible for any factory restock fees (these vary per factory, 25% and up) and freight charges (we will do everything in our power to prevent this of course). This policy is an industry standard. Items that came from our stock and are in resellable condition will not be assessed a restock fee.

"It doesn't look like my part' or 'My repair guy says it's the wrong part or defective".

Let’s address what the part is supposed to look like first. The manufacturer doesn't continue to purchase parts forever that were the parts in your equipment when it was brand new. They change vendors depending on what they must pay for it. So for that reason the part may look different. New cars have different tires and it’s the same model car. The tires that go on a Suburban at the first of the year might not be the same brand of tires in a latter production run. Also, the part you're replacing could have already been replaced and that might be why (and it could have been the wrong part too). All our parts match or exceed the original factory specs as does the warranty. The manufacturer reserves the right to substitute source vendors based on their needs. We do not manufacturer parts.

Now let’s talk about a repair guy claiming it being wrong. Unfortunately, many repair people say this cause they want to sell you the part (they may be on commissions for parts sales) and they don’t care what pain you must go thru to return the part nor the money you'll lose for restock fees. We've seen this happen many many times. They may also declare the part is defective to get you to return it too. One resolution to that unethical act is to tell them if the part is not defective then they must pay for all costs you've incurred in the return process. May times they will say, 'Let me go try it again before we return it."  As far as the claim it is the wrong part, again have them pay for all costs of the return if it's not wrong. Take a picture of the part first and make sure they see you do this. Our return rate is a low 1%. The odds are you got the right part, you just have the wrong repair company.

Here's another hint. If your refrigeration guy says you need a new compressor and he needs to take the old one to get the core charge 'to save you money', don’t let him take the compressor. Many will take your compressor home, repaint it and bring it back and charge you for your compressor. If you must let them take it be sure to place an identifying mark somewhere on it that they won’t notice. If the 'new' one has the mark then it's not new.

Obtaining a Return Authorization Number (RMA)

Please make sure to contact us BEFORE returning an item. Return requests must be made within 20 days of the shipment date. In the event we sent you an item that was clearly our error (for example, you ordered a blade and we sent a motor), we will pay for all shipping costs associated with the shipment to your location and back to our warehouse and there will be no restock fees. Please note that we are unable to issue a credit for any shipping costs associated with the delivery and/or the return of items other than if our error as outlined. We are unable to accept unauthorized returns.

It is your responsibility to make sure the return shipment gets to us. We have no way of tracking it without a tracking number by the carrier.  If you dont notice a credit for your return within several days of it reaching us could be because the item never got to us. It could have been lost by the carrier or possibly never shipped. If thats the case please note you have a very small window in which to notify the carrier. We will help you in anyway possible. Do not dispute the charge. Contact us for help. DIsputing the charge will add extra fees to the process and reduce your refund.

By ordering on any of our sites, you have agreed to the Terms & Conditions of our Policies noted at checkout. Any disputed charge will result in addtional processing fees added to the order such as cost to collect funds, attorney fees, interest charges, fees imposed by the police to investigate the case as Criminal Conversion of Property.

RMAs are time sensitive. The item must be received within 10 business days from the date given of the RMA or the RMA will expire.

There are some items that may not be returned:

  • Special Order Items
  • Electronic parts such as circuit boards
  • Custom ordered items
  • Aerosol products/cans
  • An item that has obviously been used or installed. (Determined at inspection by our personnel or factory personnel). Factory reviews are final. If the item has to be sent to the factory for testing then the results may take 60 days. No credit will be issued until we are notified of the factory’s decision.
  • Equipment is not returnable. Sometimes special arrangements can be made. Please call our office to review your situation.

In addition, we may issue partial refunds for the return of certain items, including:

  • Any item that is not in its original condition, is damaged, or is missing parts.
  • Items returned without a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) Number.

The following are several steps that must be taken in order to return an item:

Contact us by phone or email us (see Contact Us). Announce you'd like to return an item. Be ready to provide the following information in your e-mail or to a customer service representative:

  • Your Company Name (if applicable)
  • Your Name
  • Original Order Number
  • Item Number of item(s) to be returned
  • Condition of the item(s) to be returned
  • Complete or Missing pieces/parts
  • Undamaged or Damaged
  • Reason for Return Request
  • Was the part installed?

We will issue you a ship to location and a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) number - YOU MUST OBTAIN THIS NUMBER BEFORE SHIPPING YOUR PRODUCT. The goods associated with this RMA number must be post marked within 7 days of the number’s issuance. Please make sure to clearly mark your RMA number next to the shipping label of your package. If there is no RMA number with a shipment then the box could easily get lost in our warehouse and no refund processed. (It's amazing how many people send items back with no RMA nor information in the box where it came from etc.)

Unless instructed otherwise, return all items to:

SupplyDIRECT Inc.
c/o Returns
2550 Collins Springs Dr SE
Ste B
Atlanta, GA 30339

Include a copy of the orignal packing slip. If not provided, a delay could be caused in the crediting of your account. Also write your contact person’s name on the slip in case we need to review something with you.

We are not responsible for items that do not arrive at our warehouse. Therefore, we strongly suggest you ship your package in a way that allows you to track the shipment and obtain a proof of delivery. A Delivery Confirmation (US Mail) is not proof of delivery. Only a signature by our Returns Department personnel is Proof of Delivery.

Once an item has been received at the warehouse, it can take up to 2-3 business days to process the receipt of the item. Once processed, it can take up to 3 business days to initiate a credit to your account. Once a credit has been initiated, it can then take your credit card company up to 5 business days to apply the credit to your account. Please understand, we consider getting you your credit is of the utmost importance. However, we are hampered by returns that do not follow these instructions and by the delay taken by the credit card companies.

You can check on the status of your return by contacting us by phone 404-794-8110 or email

Warranty Claim

All items sold by SupplyDIRECT Inc carry the Manufacturer’s Warranty. Any item returned due to warranty issues (defective) is returned to the factory for bench testing. This process can take between 30-90 days after receipt by the factory. If the item is deemed defective due to improper installation then the item is returned to us and no credit issued. We will then contact you and ask for your instructions or ship you the replacement part provided by the manufacturer. Failed inspections will result in all shipping fees being billed to the buyer. If deemed valid, the factory sends a new replacement part.

We do not provide loaner parts (and don’t know anyone that does) during the warranty inspection process. We urge customers not to select this reason unless it is absolutely the case. This type of return is very costly for all involved and the majority of items sent in for warranty are denied due to improper installation. Electrical being the most common (ex: 120v item wired into a 240v system). Filing a warranty claim is not a quick fix to get a refund and can easily cost more unfortunately. We are happy to process a warranty claim but want to make sure you understand the process clearly.

Damaged Items

If you receive a box that is visibly damaged by the carrier, you may either refuse the shipment or accept the shipment but telling the carrier to note damage in their system immediately. If you receive a shipment and find damage has occurred that is not visible, you have 3 days to notify the carrier and to call us. CALL THE CARRIER FIRST. Give us the reference number they give you (it’s usually the tracking number) and update us on their instructions. We will take it from there. If you don't notify the carrier in 3 days then a claim cannot be filed and a refund cannot be issued. For US Mail domestic damages contact the US Post Office and file your claim. US Mail is different from UPS or FedEx. We are not responsible for US Mail damage. US Mail is used per the customer’s request only.

When shipping an item back to us, always insure the item appropriately. You must include the original packing material including the container if we so request. This is your responsibility. A damage claim may be disallowed without these items.

Lost items in transit

All items we ship are insured for damage or from being lost if UPS or FedEX is used. They are responsible for those shipments. If you requested a special method of shipping such as United States Postal Service, then we are not responsible for lost items nor for items that are damaged. Selecting this method is at your own risk. There is sometimes an extra handling fee by USPS associated with this service.

Items you are returning need to be insured by you. If it is lost then you have recourse. We are not responsible for lost items shipped by the US Postal Service.