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Use for Imperial Range
Part No. PD10259.3

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Imperial Range 38733 PRESSURE REGULATOR, GAS 3/4"

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PRESSURE REGULATOR, GAS 3/4" 38733 PD10259.3

  • Gas regulator
  • 3/4"
  • Adjustable range from 3 to 6" WC
  • Commonly used on Imperial models such as EBA SERIES, GD SERIES, ICB-4827, ICB-4836, ICB-6027, ICB-6036, ICMA-24, ICMA-36, ICMA-48, ICMA-60, ICMA-72, ICRA-1, ICRA-2, ICRA-3, ICRA-4, ICRA-5, ICV, ICVD, ICVG, IHPA-12, IHPA-24, IHPA-36, IHPA-48, IHR, IHR-6-C, IHR-G24-2-C, IMGA-2428, IMGA-3628, IMGA-4828, IMGA-6028, IMGA-7228, IR-2000-24, IR-2000-36, IR-2000-48, IR-2000-60, IR-2000-72, IRB-24, IRB-30, IRB-36, IRB-48, IRB-60, ISAE-24, ISAE-36, ISAE-48, ISAE-60, ISAE-72, ISB-24, ISB-36, ISCE-24, ISCE-36, ISCE-48, ISCE-60, ISCE-72, ISP-J-SP, ISP-J-SP2, ISP-J-W13, ISP-J-W16, ISPA-18, ISPA-18-2, ISPA-18W, ISPA-18W-2, ITG-24, ITG-36, ITG-48, ITG-60, ITG-72, ITGA-24, ITGA-36, ITGA-48, ITGA-60, ITGA-72, MSQ-30, MSQ-36, MSQ-48, MSQ-60 and where part is applicable.
Additional Information
SKU PD10259.3
Model/OEM 38733
Part Numbers 1050, 38733, 52-1011
Use For Imperial Range