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Fryer Baskets & Fryer Accessories

Fryer Baskets  and  Fryer Accessories

Commercial restaurant fryer replacement parts and accessories cover a vast area of topics. Parts are broken down between fryers that are controlled by gas, both natural and LP gas, or whether they are run purely by electricity. There are the common replacement parts such as hi limit controls for Pitco fryers to fryer baskets for Garland and Prince Castle fryers.

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Replacement parts for commercial fryers include such items as thermostats, thermostat dials and knobs, elements, gas burners, elements, fryer kettle tanks, kettle drain valves, legs, casters, basket hangers, on off switches, power cords, pilot indicator lights, contactors and thermopiles found in many fryers like Star and Frymaster models.

There are the many accessories for fryers which are needed to keep the fryer in optimum condition. These are to ensure the quality of the finished product. These accessories are recommended by all major fryer manufacturers like Frymaster, Star and Wells. The preservation of the frying oil is paramount not only because of the quality of the food product but for saving the operation lots on money by extending the oil’s life. This can be achieved by simply using filtration paper to start with and is recommended by all manufacturers like Dean and Keating. You can also use reusable filtration methods like Miroil products. Oil filtration machines are available and can recoup their cost in a limited period of time, much to many operator’s surprise. They are also an added safety feature when transporting hot oil for disposal. Let us help size the proper unit for you.

Water is the number one killer of oil and the regular removal of water is essential for oil life extension. We’ve heard many customers say they just throw out the oil and replace it every so often. This is unnecessarily wasteful and an expensive way to manage this need. Using a cheap oil to address this method costs the operator more dearly since cheap oil can’t produce the same quality product as a good oil. We are happy to review an ROI for your to consider if using the throw-away method. It will save you money and increase the quality of the finished product plus reduce payroll costs. Fryer cleaners include both cleaning brushes specially designed for fryers to help ensure the safety of the employee while cleaning the hot kettle. Fryer oil maintenance includes use of powdered oil cleaners designed for the removal of water particles. These should be periodically added to the oil which will remove the water particles and will extend the life of the oil and the quality of the oil.

A way to save more money on replacing oil is to have an oil test kit. These kits will enable you to test the quality of your oil and remove the guess work out of it. This can save you money by preventing the premature removal of oil that is still good.

Other accessories include items like fryer baskets, wire mesh skimmers, bagel scoops, burrito baskets, basket dividers, basket inserts, sediment catch trays, crumb trays, drain valves, high temperature drain hoses, drain clean out tools and drain extensions.