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Electrical Components

Electrical Components

Axial fans, cable ties, coils, contactors, cords, tape, terminals, wire nuts, fuses, hi-temp wire, bulbs, motors, receptacles, connectors, signal lights, transformers...Hi-Limits, Thermostats & Knobs, Infinite Controls & Knobs, Dial Kits & Bezels, Palnuts, Single Pole Switch Kits, Thermostat Accessories.

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Please read the section on Gas Components too. There we addressed safety, needed tools and accessories that are common for both applications in many cases.

Some basic trouble shooting techniques can help you diagnosis and repair many electrical problems you might have in your equipment like in a Comstock Castle, Dean or Toastmaster fryer. These are some quick fix ideas that you can do. (These are general suggestions; your fryer might have different requirements. Consult your manual to be sure these ideas will work for your application). First check and make sure the fryer is plugged. Also, check to see if a breaker is tripped. Then press the high limit reset button on the fryer safety system. Is the element completely submerged in the oil as it should be? If the fryer has fuses, check to make sure they are in good condition. When testing the thermostat, volt test across the terminal block to make sure the fryer is getting power, is the proper voltage going to the fryer? Disconnect one side of the thermostat and do an ohm test. Turn the thermostat on and the meter reads 0 ohms, then the thermostat is good. Connect the wire back to the thermostat. Disconnect one side of the hi limit and do an Ohm test across it. The meter reads 0 ohms, the hi limit is good, reconnect the wire. Now test the element, one at a time. Disconnect one side of the heating element and do an ohm test. Measuring across it the and if the ohm meter reads 11 ohms the element is good. If the meter says the same thing on infinite ohms then the heating element is no good. Unplug the fryer and tape the circuit breaker so no one tries to use it. Get the model and serial number off the data plate and calls us. When you’ve replaced the element, and started the unit back up don’t forget to calibrate the fryer if need be.

The most common problem I electrical equipment are burned connections. To fix a burned connection you must cut the wire all the way back to where it is not burned. Now clean off the terminal and replace with a new connector. When striping the wire be sure not to cut off any wire strands. Do not splice the wire. Plugs ware out and break or burn up all the time too. Don’t buy a cheap plug at a hardware store. Get the plug required for your equipment. Cheap plugs burn up fast.

Concerning tools, the most critical tool to have is the Multimeter. You use this tool to measure voltage and ohms of resistance. This helps you determine if a part is handling the electricity properly or not. If not then the part is probably bad.

The most commonly replaced parts are parts that are electrical like switches, contactors, relays, circuit breakers, high limits, transformers, elements and thermostats. Something that has current going through it. This is always the first place to look.

One of the main problems we have experienced customers having is ordering a part because it ‘looks like’ theirs. Don’t fall into this trap. Many valves, thermostats and elements for example look the same but they most certainly are not. All tires are black and round and fit on a car or truck but they absolutely are not the same. Plus if you have to return an electrical part you might not be able to because the factories have strict conditions concerning the returning of an electrical part.