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Cres-Cor Crown X Blower Motors and Kits | Cres-Cor Restaurant equipment parts

Blower Motors and Kits

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  1. BLOWER KIT 208/240 V  0769182K PD52627

    BLOWER KIT 208/240 V

    Part No. PD52627

    • Blower Motor Kit
    • 208/240 Volts
    • Commonly used on various Cres-cor models: 120PH1836D208, 121PH1818D208, 121PHUA11D208, 1301836D208, 1301836D240, 131UA11D208, 131UA11D240, 131UA9D208, 131UA9D240, CCB-96A, EB-150-208, EB-150-240, H135SUA11240, H135UA11240, H137PSUA12C208, H137PSUA12C240, H137PSUA6C208, H137PSUA6C240, H137PSUA9C208, H137PSUA9C240, H137PUA12C208, H137PUA12C240, H137PUA6C208, H137PUA6C240, H137PUA9C208, H137PUA9C240, H137S96BCDJ2, H137S96BCJ2, H137SUA12CDJ2, H137SUA5CDJ2, H137SUA6CDJ2, H137SUA9CDJ2, H137UA12CDJ2, H137UA9CDJ2, H137WSUA12C208, H137WSUA12C240, H137WSUA5C208, H137WSUA5C240, H137WSUA6C208, H137WSUA6C240, H137WSUA9C208, H137WUA9C240, H1381834CDJ2, H138NPS-CLC 240, H138P1834C208, H138P1834C240, H138PS1834C208, H138PS1834C240, H138S1816CDJ2, H138S1834CDJ2, H138WS1816C208, H138WS1816C240, H138WS1834C208, H138WS1834C240, H138WS185C208, H138WS185C240, H161FUA11CM208, H161FUA11CM240, HJ-531-10-240-240, HJ-531-13-180-240, R0151FW1332B2081 and where part is applicable. 


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  2. BLOWER MOTOR KIT 0769 186 K PD45292


    Part No. PD45292

    • Blower motor kit
    • 230 volt
    • 50/60 hz
    • Commonly used on various Crescor models such as R151W13322 and where part is applicable.
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  3. BLOWER MOTOR KIT, 120V 0769 180 K PD20948


    Part No. PD20948

    • Blower Motor - Right
    • 115V
    • 50/60HZ
    • .75A
    • 1PH
    • 1/50HP
    • CW rotation
    • Housing diameter 5-1/2" OD
    • 3" square blower flange with 2.3" mounting hole centers.   
    • Used on various Cres Cor models such as H-135-AP-8, H-138-CDD-1834, HJ-531, HJR-531, HT-20A, HU-18-671-(5, 11, 67), HU-18-1254-(27, 41), PHU-18-747-35, 120-CR, 121-CR, 130, 131, H-137, H-175, H-186, 120, 120PH1836D, 121PH, 121PH1818D, 121PHUA11D, 126PH, 1301836D, 1301836RR, 131UA11D, 131UA9D, CCB-120A, CCB-150, CO151X185B, CO151XUA5B, CO151XWUA5B, EB-150, H135SUA11, H135UA11, H135UA11J1, H137PSUA12C, H137PSUA6C, H137PSUA9C, H137PUA12C, H137PUA6C, H137PUA9C, H137S96BC, H137S96BCDJ1, H137S96BCJ1, H137SUA12CDJ1, H137SUA5CDJ1, H137SUA6CDJ1, H137SUA9CDJ1, H137UA12CDJ1, H137UA9CDJ1, H137WSUA12C, H137WSUA5C, H137WSUA6C, H137WSUA9C, H1381834CDJ1, H138N1834CDJ1, H138NPS-CLC, H138NPS1813CLA, H138NPS1832CLA, H138P1834C, H138PS1834C, H138S1816CDJ1, H138S1834CDJ1, H138WS1816C, H138WS1834C, H138WS185C, H149PC, H149UA12, H161FUA11CM, H161FUA11CMCAN, HJ-531-10-240, HJ-531-13-180 and where part is applicable. 
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  4. Hot Unit 2000W 120V  HU18671105 PD44653

    Hot Unit 2000W 120V

    Part No. PD44653

    • Heating Unit, Replacement
    • Complete Drawer
    • 120V
    • Used on various Crescor models such as H137-UA-12B and where part is applicable.
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  5. MOTOR, BLOWER - LEFT 0769 093 PD128075


    Part No. PD128075

    • Blower Motor - Left
    • 115V
    • Use for CresCor models: KFCTM-671-(78, 79) & All 115V units w/Dual Motors
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  6. MOTOR, BLOWER - LEFT 0769 069 K PD128076


    Part No. PD128076

    • Blower Motor - Left
    • 230V
    • Use for CresCor models: CXC-4935, H-137-CDD-UA12HH, H-138-CDD-1834-SH, HT-2040, HU-18-671 -(25-C, 34D, 46-AC, 61-AC)


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