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Since 1988

About Us

SupplyDIRECT Inc has been in business since 1988 and is located in Atlanta, Georgia. We specialize in replacement parts and accessories for the foodservice industry. The company was founded to help provide solutions for foodservice operators when searching for parts to their equipment. Categories include parts for cooking, refrigeration, plumbing, warewashing, exhaust hoods, preparation and washrooms. SDI also supplies tools, cleaners and related chemicals to maintain the equipment.

Industry segments that we support are hospitals, schools, correctional facilities, grocery, government, military, municipalities, parks, chains and independent operators.

We boast a robust website supported by industry specialist available to answer your questions and assist in the location of the exact part you need.

Pricing Policy
Pricing depends on the accurate pricing provided by the manufacturer. If a manufacturer has any price changes, they will be posted on our site as soon as we are provided this information. Sometimes the provided information is delayed or not correct. Our policy is that 'prices can change without notice'. If an item is unable to be shipped because of a pricing discrepancy, you will be notified prior to shipping and asked for authorization. 

Item Images
Part numbers placed in our Search Box that fetch/produce a part or item image and description are listed only as a guide and reference. They are not intended to imply that the item provided for purchase is made by a particular manufacturer. These results are shown for identification and reference only. 

A manufacturer's OEM part number that produces a response in search may not be the exact part in every detail. It may reference a part that has been changed, upgraded or replaced due to the age of the item or their availability. Part numbers may cross reference other numbers to produce a result that possibly meets the purpose and function of the item searched. 

We strive to make sure that any result found is the most accurate possible. We cannot guarantee that every detail of an item result will match your request perfectly. You have the item in your possession and therefore are the best one to make the accurate choice. If you have any doubt about the item found, we encourage you not to purchase it, but call to review it before you make the decision to purchase. 

The final review and decision to buy is your sole responsibility. It's your responsibility to make sure the item selected is the exact item you need and that it performs the exact function you require. When you receive an item and have doubts about it being exactly what you want, do not install or use it. Call to have the item returned. 

There is no such thing as a universal part that works for a broad range of applications. They are exact and designed to produce specific results. To replace an item with one that is not correct may result in harm. The utmost review of an item is paramount prior to its purchase and installation.